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  Touched my heart
 Sarah, 17/04/2013
  Thought provoking...
 Baruch, 17/04/2013

With All Your Heart(English) - 2nd. Edition
Insights into the Inner World of Israeli Hero Major Roi Klein
Author / Editor Discourses by Rav Eliezer Kashtiel, edited by Netanel Elyashiv
Year of Publication 5772 (2012)
No. of Pages 248
Price: $24.95
  ”If you were to read a single book for Jewish inspiration this year, let this be the one...Having been privileged to be a writer myself, after many years of China research and Jewish learning, I found that this one book touched my inner core in the way very few had affected me before...” read more...

  Praise for With All Your Heart, by Dr. Vera Schwarcz, 14.10.2009

  “This book…is one of the most spiritual books that I have ever encountered in the English language.” read more...

 The Jewish Star, vol. 7, no. 32”..With all your Heart..”, A Torah tribute to a true hero, by Alan Jay Garber, 8.8.08

  “When the army brought his personal possessions from Eli, I searched through his knapsack knowing that I’d find a maseches Yoma there… He had just learned about the kohen gadol entering the Kodesh Hakodashim…” read more...

 HAMODIA, English editionA Kiddush Hashem in Life and Death, by Joel Rebibo, 31.7.08

  “I had a strong feeling that there was something very special going on at these meetings… After the third session, I knew that these lessons had to be put into print.” read more...

 Viewpoint 5Insights into the World of Israeli Hero Major Roi Klein, by Netanel Eliyashiv, Summer 5768 / 2008

  “Klein and other religious soldiers like him represent a new archetype of a Jewish warrior that has not existed for nearly two millennia. With All Your Heart is a document testifying to this sea change in the Jewish-Israeli image.” read more...

 The Jerusalem PostIn defense of morality, by Matthew Wagner, 29.5.2008

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Vision of Vegetarianism and Peace (Hebrew)

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To the Process of Ideas in Israel (Hebrew)

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Tzadik Be’Emunato Yichye(Hebrew)

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Kodesh Ve’Hol(Hebrew)

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Li’Ezrat Hashem Ba’Giborim - pocket edition

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Li’Ezrat Hashem Ba’Giborim

Price: $24.95
With All Your Heart(Hebrew)

Price: $16.95
Etz al Mayim - Tree on Water

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Omed Ba’Shaar - Standing in the Gate

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Aluf Bi’Shachor - Champion in Black

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La’daat Hakol - To Know Everything

Price: $17.95
Hakol Ad Lechan - Everything until Here

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Kavati - Aaron Razel

Price: $15.95